A Study on preferences of I M.B.B.S Students about teaching –Learning Methods

Shilpa S. Gupta, Ashok D. Rathod


Context: One of the most important ways to strengthen the medical education at content delivery level is to assess student perception about teaching- learning methodology. Numerous teaching-learning methods are practiced throughout MBBS course, to increase involvement, participation and interest of students, so that learning is facilitated and it appeal to students with different learning styles.

Aim: To study student preferences about teaching learning methods used in Physiology sessions during first year MBBS course.

Method: This is an observational study conducted in Shri Vasantrao Naik, Govt. Medical College, Yavatmal, from September 2015 to December 2015.After all permission and approval from Institutional ethical committee, the data was collected by administering a pre-designed & pre-validated questionnaire regarding open and close-ended questions pertaining to student (II semester) preferences about various  teaching-learning methods practiced by Physiology faculty during teaching sessions conducted in I semester.

Results: O out of total 130 participants, 59(45.4%) students preferred Lecture, while Tutorial was preferred by 28 (21.5%), Group Discussion by 36(27.7%) and Symposium by 7(5.3%) students.

About the ideal duration of a lecture, out of 130 students, 76(58.4%) opined for 45 minutes. The best teaching-learning method, out of 130 students, 58 (44.6%) preferred blackboard.

The preferred time slot of lectures, most of the students108 (83%) preferred lectures to be conducted between 9 to 11 am.

Conclusion: Students are more interested in conventional mode of learning through lectures with use of blackboard for about 45 minutes during morning hours. For better interpretation and results which could be applied at university, state or national level, we recommend a wide spread multi-centric study in medical colleges all over the country, having representation from all strata of students, faculty and policy makers.


Key Words: Preferences, teaching learning media, I MBBS students

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