Postgraduate Physiotherapy students’ perception towards postgraduate course in Physiotherapy

Praveen Kumar, Pallavi Praveen Kumar


Physiotherapy has become a first option choice over a period of time. Various factors have influenced this trend amongst postgraduates. This study was conducted in order to know the perception of postgraduate students towards the postgraduate course in which they are currently enrolled. A descriptive questionnaire based study was carried out on postgraduate students. Convenient sampling was used to collect data from 21 students. The questionnaire used for the study was a semi structured questionnaire which included 15 questions. We observed that most of the students had similar responses towards their choice of postgraduate course but variations did exist for what they would do after post graduation and it was very interesting to know that most of the students opted for being a teacher or setting up own clinics.

Keywords: Perception, Physiotherapy, Postgraduates.

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