Web Based Knowledge in Medical Education

Dange Chandrashekhar, Dange Shubhangi, Jadhav Anita, Deore Jayant


Learning depends on several factors, but a crucial step is the engagement of a learner. This is affected by their motivation and perception of relevance. These, in turn can be affected by learners’ previous experiences and preferred learning styles and by the context and environment in which the learning is taking place. In adult learning theories, teaching is as much about setting the context or climate for learning as it is about imparting knowledge or sharing expertise. Even though their concepts regarding the lecture topic are not clearly understood after the lecture, students routinely do not question after the lecture. The inhibitions will be eliminated if they are instructed to search for themselves in a conducive atmosphere i. e. computer laboratory. Moreover, learning and working with computer will make them realize the relevance of topic learning. This study was undertaken to find out whether there is an effect of web in medical education. A group of 25 students from first MBBS 2014-15 selected randomly as a study group. The students were allotted one hour time every day to sit in the library having broad band internet facility. Study group was observed for a period of one year. Their performance in terminal examination and preliminary examination was assessed. The data shows that there is an improvement in the performance of the students after using web for the study.


Key Words: Web based education, Medical students, Computer laboratory

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