Students’ Perception about Teaching Learning Media in Didactic Lectures

Tanuja Manohar, Amruta Dashputra, Chari Suresh


Teaching learning media plays an extremely important role in the learning process of students. With advances in technology, traditional teaching aids like chalk board or Over Head Projector are gradually getting replaced by power point presentations. This study was aimed to assess students' perception of teaching learning medium. This cross-sectional study was carried out at NKPSIMS & RC, Nagpur, India. A questionnaire was given to 354 medical students. Their preference about three commonly used TL media i.e. chalkboard, overhead projector, and power point presentation in didactic lectures were studied. Students preferred PPP as compared to CB and OHP as effective TL media in didactic lectures. Combination of CB + PPP was preferred more as compared to single medium. PPP was rated as a best medium for understanding newer concepts, understanding diagrams, flow charts and algorithms, registration of definitions and new terminologies, understanding clinical knowledge, followed by CB, but very few students preferred OHP as preferred medium. For ease of notes taking however more weight age was given to CB as compared to PPP. Majority of students felt the necessity of fitting speaker mike in lecture hall. PPP is the most preferred medium by the students so every attempt should be done to increase effectiveness of PPP. Smart use of chalkboard will also increase impact of lecture OHP, as was least preferred by students, drastic changes should be made for increasing its effectiveness.

 Keywords: Chalkboard, Overhead Projector, Power Point Presentation

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