Impact of 3-D animation assisted practical teaching in Nursing Students

Pandey Nitin, Abdussalam Abdussalam


To study whether 3D animation assisted physiology practical teaching is useful in nursing students. Beneficial effect of 3D animation has been studied in nursing students showing improvement in both short and long term retention of knowledge. We planned questionnaire based study and compared score before and after intervention. Recruited were 42 nursing students and were asked their understanding on likert scale about the practical topic ‘Practical and applied aspect of electrocardiography’ which was taught one week back by blackboard teaching and hands on session. Practical again taught by 3D animation video with same content and students were asked their level of understanding on same set of questions. There was significant improvement in level of understanding in questions related to cognitive and affective domain while no significance observed in psychomotor domain.3D animation assisted briefing of the topic followed by hands on practical exercise improves learning in nursing students.


Key words: 3D animation, knowledge, practical, cognitive

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