Evidence Based Periodontology – A Compressive Conspectus

Sarda Trupti, Rathod Surekha


Periodontology has a rich history and a strong passion for science. Evidence-based periodontology is the application of evidence-based health care to periodontology. The substantial and extensive periodontal information base, developed over the years, has provided a rational basis for choosing the best treatment for patients. The goal of evidence-based dentistry is to help practitioners provide their patients with optimal care. The practice-related element in evidence-based dentistry is the clinician's integration of the resulting knowledge with clinical expertise and patient preferences to determine the treatment to be recommended to individual patients. Various components of evidence-based periodontology include the production of best available evidence, the critical appraisal and interpretation of the evidence, the communication and discussion of the evidence to individuals seeking care and the integration of the evidence with clinical skills and patient values. Evidenced based approach offers a bridge from science to clinical practice.

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