Leaders are made .................Not born !!!!

Shardul Khade


When you work as a organiser for a conference, you learn certain skills which are helpful in many ways in the medical profession. For a conference, one has to interact with a varied group of people with strikingly different personalities and one learns how to tackle them individually to make sure that the work goes in smoothly without a hitch. The medical field demands the same from a doctor as he has to interact with the patient and the relatives. For a layman, the medical terms and conditions sound very gibberish to him. So, the doctor must be smart enough to simplify it and tell him what he needs to do and tactfully handle his queries and doubts. The doctor must at the same time deal with the paramedical stuff in a strict manner. He must not boss them around but he must lead them by example and make sure they are perfect in their work. One also leaves to deal with disappointments and failures. A leader is not born, but he is made. And the lessons and experience of organizing a conference play a important part in this process.

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