Ancient Teaching Learning Method - Guru Shishya Parampara

Ramteke R D, Tawalare K A, Tawalare K K


Academic knowledge is the basic requirement of health professionals during their clinical practices. Traditional teaching learning methods are well explained in Ayurvedic text. Adhyayan (study), adhyapana (teaching) and tadvid sambhasha vidhi (discussion) is mentioned as teaching components of Guru Shishya Parampara (GSP). In the present study Guru (mentor) gives his knowledge to shishya (disciple) by adopting the principle of GSP. This study randomly enrolled 17 students of final B.A.M.S. with an aim to enhance the self-directed learning among students and to improve the academic performance. Pre and post study evaluation was done by MCQ test and feedback was obtained on a questionnaire. Data obtained was analyzed statically with help of paired t test. It is concluded that GSP was useful to enhance the learning with significance level p < 0.0001.

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