Perception of teacher about current education trends – An institutional survey

Tapasya Karemore, Vaibhav Karemore, Pawan Motghare


Aim: To observe and analyze teachers’ perception about current education strategy and their expected changes to improve it.
Materials and method: A validated, semi structured questionnaire compromising of 10 questions, (closed and open ended) regarding teaching pattern and examination pattern currently followed in the university were circulated among the teaching staff of VSPM’s Dental College. The participants were asked to tick the appropriate answer. The data was collected and calculated to analyze various opinions and suggestions given by teaching staff to improve the existing education system.
Result: 27(62.7%) teachers thought that 40 minutes duration is sufficient for a theory class. Majority of teachers (81%) were already using combinations of power-points, blackboards and OHP projectors, for delivering lectures. Problem based learning was well known for 35(81%) teachers and was thought to be very helpful to be integrated in regular teaching by 31(72%). Obtaining feedback of teaching skills was taken as positive way to improve teaching according to 35(81%) teachers. 35(81%) teachers would be interested to examine students for every topic taught for core improvement. For formative or summative assessments equal distribution of marks for theory and practical was voted by 34(79%) teachers. Current examinations pattern was accepted and would like to be continued by 25(58%) teachers.
Conclusion: Teachers and students together can initiate and define the curriculum for better future of academics as well as advancing medical education. This study states the need of significant move towards amendments in ongoing teaching and curriculum designing suggested by teachers.

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