Evaluation of use of library and its resources by undergraduate students

Meenal Kulkarni, Amruta Dashputra, KG Saigal


Use of library by medical students is an important means of enhancing their knowledge and self-directed learning skills.
A  descriptive  cross-sectional  study  was  conducted  among  155  MBBS  students  from  IV  semester  in  the  Dept  of
Community Medicine of NKP Salve  Institute of Medical Science, Nagpur. Detail  Information  regarding use of various
library  services  was  collected  in  pre-designed  pre-tested  self-administered  questionnaire.  Satisfaction  level  was
assessed  based  on  14  questions.  A  Rating  scale  was  used  to  assess  satisfaction  of  students  about  various  services
available  in  the  library  .It was  observed  that All  students  utilized  the  library  and  its  resources.44  (28%)  students  used library  daily,30%  students  used  the  library  for  more  than  3  hours  daily.  85(55%)  students  used  e-  library.
The  level  of  satisfaction  regarding  availability,  accessibility  and  arrangement  of  books,  cooperation  of  staff,  space  and
sitting  arrangements,  light,  ventilation  and  cleanliness  in  library  was  fair.  However  students  were  dissatisfied  about
internet  speed,  drinking  water  and  toilet  facilities. Along  with  the  traditional  use  like  reading  and  issuing  of  books,
students  used  e-  library  extensively.  Students  were  satisfied  with  most  of  the  services  provided  by  the  library.

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