Cumulative grade point average as a tangible predictor of academic achievement: A retrospective cross-sectional study

James Gonsalves, Reem Abraham, Shyamala Hande, Sharada Rai, K Bairy, Ramnarayan Komattil


The  study was  conducted with  an objective  to determine  the  role of Cumulative Grade Point Average  as  an  indicator of
academic  achievement  of  undergraduate  medical  students  in  Physiology.    A  retrospective  cross-sectional  study  was
conducted  in Melaka Manipal Medical College (Manipal Campus) after obtaining approval from  the  institutional research
committee. Eight batches of undergraduate medical  students  (n=1051)  admitted  from 2008  to 2012 were  included  in  the
study.  CGPA  and  University  Examination  theory  and  practical  marks  in  Physiology  were  collected  from  the  college database. Pearson's correlation was done to find the strength of association between the CGPA and University marks. In first phase,  variables  like  CGPA,  learning  approaches  and  block  examination marks  were  used  for  performing  a  univariate analysis,  with  university  examination  performance  as  a  dependent  variable.  Correlations  that  had  a  p-value  <0.2  were considered significant. In second phase, the variable that was best correlating with students' performance in the University examination was subjected to multiple regression analysis. It was observed that, >98% of students who had CGPA greater than 3.5 were successful in the Physiology University examination A linear relation was observed between the CGPA  and University marks in Physiology. The present study reemphasized that CGPA score is good predictor of student achievement.

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