Development of counseling skill in 3rd BAMS students about breast feeding to neonates

RR Kamde


Counseling skills is an integral part of medical profession. But no real weightage is attributed in present curriculum
of  undergraduate  BAMS  course  to  acquaint  the  students  with  counseling  skill.  Introduction  of  a  one  day  training
workshop  may  help  to  build  this  competency  in  medical  undergraduates.  Breastfeeding  techniques  are  not  taught
through syllabus. Hence teaching learning about the topics which are not included in curriculum but are socially valuable, is
important. This study on final B.A.M.S. students was aimed  to enhance  the communication skill among students and  to
improve the academic performance. Statistical significance was obtained by Pre and post study evaluation and by feedback
form. Data obtained was analyzed statically with help of paired t test. It is concluded that, with one day interactive workshop
was  an  innovative  approach  to  enhance  counseling  skill  in medical  undergraduates  as  significance  level  of  p <  0.005.

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