Opinion of medical students on online classes during covid 19 pandemic

Nagasrilatha Bathala, Anjaneyulu Kammineni


Background: COVID-19 is referred as pandemic due to its severity and fierceness also as the greatest global health crisis since after centuries in human civilization. This made many schools and colleges to remain shut down for an indefinite time as the only option left to prevent transmission of virus in the
institutions. At the same time, teaching concepts have changed with a similar speed than the evolution of the Internet, social media and digital technology. In these circumstances online teaching has become the only option left to fulfill the academic necessities of the students.
Objectives: This study will help to find out the students’ opinion and attitude towards online classes during COVID – 19 Pandemic.
Methodology: An Anonymous Cross sectional study is conducted among undergraduate medical students of various colleges affiliated to DRNTRUHS, AP regarding their opinion and attitude towards online teaching classes conducted during Covid 19 pandemic period by sharing the link for Google document.
Results: 432 under graduate medical students were participated in the study. 313 participants (72.41%) opined that online teaching is helpful. Majority of participants opined that online teaching is helpful (72.41%); comfortable (61.63%); they are able to interact (73.7%). 68.74% of participants have troubles to attend online classes. Very less participants (13.79%) showed their preference for online classes after this period. All the participants strongly mentioned that their practical skills will be affected badly due to this
type of teaching.
Conclusions: The deadly and infectious disease Covid-19 has deeply affected the educational system globally. In our present study majority of students strongly opined that online teaching is helpful; they are also comfortable and able to interact with their faculty also. When COVID 19 resolves, transformative
changes are expected in medical education through the use of emergent technology.

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