Pre-clinical test scores as a predictor of students' performance: A retrospective study in final year BDS

Jaishree Chahande, Saee Deshmukh, Usha Radke


Dentistry is a great combination of an art and science means skills with proper knowledge is the key of a successful
dentist. The present study was carried out  in 40  students admitted  to BDS course  in  the year 2009. The scores of  these
students  in second year university preclinical examination  in subjects of Prosthodontics and Conservative dentistry were
compared with their scores in practical examination of same subjects in final year BDS. Also final year theory and practical
scores  in  both  above  mentioned  subjects  were  compared.  There  was  no  correlation  between  the  practical
(skill) and theory (knowledge) scores for two subjects; Prosthodontics and Conservative dentistry. There was no correlation
between  second  BDS  preclinical  practical  scores  and  final  year  clinical  practical  scores  in  the  subject  of
Prosthetic and conservative dentistry.  In  the present  study preclinical  scores did not  reflect  the  students' clinical
Performance  at  the  end  of  curriculum.                                                                                                .

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