Decoding the ergonomics in the new normal for dentistry: A narrative review

Sumit Munjal, Seema Munjal


Focus and precision are the sine qua non of dentistry, wherein the routine tasks require a peak pinch force and results in finger fatigue and cumulative trauma disorders combined with impaired vision. Dentists’ posture is treated with great care and oft repeated in Ergonomics, studied in undergraduate courses and
the continuing education courses, though many still do not know the subject well enough. The study selection was done upon selecting the dental surgeons, hygienists, assistant working on their patients and included the findings relating to practice environment. The electronically searched sources until 2021 were
the MEDLINE Pub med, EMBASE, Wiley Online Library, Science direct, American Dental Association (ADA) website and Google Scholar. An additional manual search and queries with cross-reference yielded around fifty studies ultimately. The International Ergonomic Association (IEA) recognized certain domains
long ago and its noteworthy application for dental office is set forth in the present review. Ergo-dentistry may come to be realized as a new essential in the new normal for our profession.
Key Messages: Evidence echoes that dentists are at risk for developing health problems, particularly the musculoskeletal disorders and impaired vision. Beyond doubt, a healthy dentist is a pre-requisite for a successful dental practice. Ergodontics is the key to keep check on the same and following its core
principles is essential.

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