Nordic walking in geriatric population – An evidence based seminar

Urvisha D Chavda, Chirag P Solanki, Rahul M Chhatlani


Background: Aging is an involuntary and inevitable process that causes progressive structural and functional loss in the body, such as deterioration of functional capacity, muscle mass and strength loss, loss of bone mass and delays in reaction time, which are risk factors that lead to a loss of autonomy and increased risk of falling. Nordic walking is an activity involving specially designed poles used to push against the ground with each stride for the purpose of activating the upper body while walking. It is more intensive form of walking using muscles of upper body and lower body. It is safe, feasible and beneficial form of exercise training in older adults.
Method: Evidences Reviewed from Literature search 2015-2021. It was taken from PubMed, Google scholar, Wiley online library.
Conclusion: It can be stated that nordic walking training helps to improve wellness, physical strength, flexibility, quality of life and functional balance. Nordic walking is a non expensive and feasible option to improve fitness in elderly people. Nordic walking can be included as exercise prescription for elderly and it is one of the best way for elders to stay healthy.

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