A study on faculty perception about impact of basic medical education training and the need for further reinforcement

Joe Mathew


Background: Medical educational training activity has been going on and is gaining momentum and upgrading with time. One of the important means by which this is done in our country is the basic medical
education course and presently its revised versions.
Objectives: We have to assess how far we have come close to our target or goal, what are the things we have actually achieved by it and what we have to achieve as yet.
Materials and Methods: We tried to do this assessment not by conducting an objective test among faculty or a performance assessment by students, but by a study conducted among the faculty by means of a questionnaire which uses faculty perceptions as recorded voluntarily as a means to our study. A few of the faculty chose to personally discuss issues addressed in the questionnaire.
Results and Conclusions: Majority of the faculty had a positive opinion, and definitely agreed that it is very effective, but insufficient to achieve the high aims it purports to achieve, because of insufficient training time, not being able to choose deeper reinforcement of what is interesting them, and devoting time towards only topics that appear to be of equal relevance to all, and not actually helping them along in what is of specific importance their speciality. Most of them thought that sufficient reinforcement of medical education training is an imperative issue.

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