Evaluation of learning styles of dental students: A preliminary investigation

Anita Kahar, Saee Deshmukh, Jayashree Joshi


Every  person  has  their  own  learning  style.  Some  may  learn  by  watching,  some  by  hearing,  some  by
reading  and  writing  and  some  by  actively  doing.  If  we  know  our  learning  style,  we  can  learn  better.
For  the  students  it  is  very  essential  to  know  their  learning  style.  If  the  study  material  is  presented  to
the  students  in  their  preferred  mode  of  learning  they  will  understand  it  better.  They  will  recollect  it
and produce well in the exam to get the academic success. VARK questionnaire will help in assessing the learning style of
students  in  terms of sensory modes. So,  to determine  the  learning styles of first year dental students a cross-sectional study was
designed. The VARK questionnaire was distributed among 100 First BDS students. The VARK questionnaire is 13- item, self
reported, multiple  choice questionnaire. The  solved questionnaire were  scored  and  tabulated  to determine  their  learning
styles.Out of 100 students 36% students preferred unimodal while 64% students preferred multimodal  type of  learning style.  In
unimodal style; 47.22% students preferred kinesthetic, 27.77% auditory, 19.44%  read/write and 5.55% preferred visual  type of
learning style. In multimodal type; the highest preference was given to quadramodal (45.31%) followed by trimodal (28.12%)
and Bimodal(26.56%).As  the highest preference was given  to  the multimodal and kinesthetic  type,  the  teaching will have  to be
changed  accordingly  for  the  betterment  of  the  students.                                                                                    .

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