Perception analysis of first year MBBS students after attending the first one-month Foundation Course in a North Indian medical college

Seema Jain, Niket Verma


Introduction: The Competency Based Medical Education (CBME) Curriculum for undergraduate medical education was introduced in India from the 2019 academic session onwards. A new element of the curriculum is the one-month Foundation Course.
Aim: To collect and analyse feedback from first year MBBS students regarding their experience with the one-month Foundation Course.
Methodology: This study was conducted at LLRM Medical College, Meerut. The Foundation Course timetable was designed as per the guidelines given by the Medical Council of India (MCI). The sessions were attended by newly joined first year MBBS students of 2019 batch. A feedback form designed on Google Forms was used to obtain feedback from the students at the conclusion of the Foundation Course.
Results: Out of the total 100 students, 66 responded to the feedback form. Respondents were overall satisfied with the sessions covered under the 6 sections. A majority of 24 respondents were of the opinion that the Field Visit sessions were the best conducted sessions. When asked for suggestions for further improvements in future foundation courses the two major themes generated were ‘Good experience’ and ‘More topics/sessions to be included’.
Conclusion: The strength of the first foundation course conducted in this institution lies in its meticulous planning and implementation as well as the enthusiastic participation and positive reception by students.
The feedback received from the students will be helpful in further refinement of the course for future implementation.

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