Need of multiple choice questions (MCQs) in assessment criteria of BAMS curriculum

Kiran Tawalare, Jatved Pawar, Kalpana Tawalare, Ruchika Karade


Background: In health science several assessment methods are applied to assess the level of cognitive domain of students. MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) is one of reliable method widely used in medical education system. Unfortunately, it was removed from B.A.M.S. under graduate curriculum in 2011 by Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) due to some technical reasons. With this background, the present study was aimed to focus on need and importance of MCQs based assessment in BAMS curriculum.
Materials and Methods: Cross sectional questionnaire-based study was carried out after seeking permission from Institutional Ethics Committee. Randomly selected hundred BAMS students and thirty faculties were participated in the study. Their perceptions were collected using pre validated questionnaire by Intrinsic Motivation Inventory method.
Result: It was observed that students as well as teachers are coincided on need of MCQs based assessment in BAMS under graduate curriculum.
Conclusion: Majority of teachers and students agreed that MCQs based assessment will beneficial for improving student’s learning methods. Thus, MCQs should be re-starting in the BAMS curriculum as one of assessment criteria.

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