Faculty development in India- A review

Sunita Vagha


Today’s Medical Teacher has many roles to play. Faculty development program (FDP) plays a key role in making them optimally functional. Educational vitality of any institution can be improved by FDP.
Good Quality of Doctors can be produced, provided the standard and quality of education is maintained.
“Capacity building of teachers” is the linkage between the Medical education and National health needs which is “cost effective intervention as well as long term modality. The term ‘faculty development’ has been conventionally used to describe the activities done by academic staff in educational institutions and implies that some individual intellectual and professional growth will take place as a coincidence of these programs. Faculty Development in India began in 1970 s through NTTC, FAIMER and Medical Council of India. The Medical Council of India in order to enable faculty members to avail modern education technology took an initiative in this direction in the year 1999 so that every Medical School should have a Medical Education Unit and has launched a National Faculty Development Programme through 8 regional centres for national FDP across India in 2009.

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