Comparative study on effectiveness of lecture using Powerpoint versus lecture cum demonstration on knowledge and skill regarding cranial nerve assessment among B.Sc nursing students

Aparna Pandey, Vijaya Kumar S


Teaching learning process are interdependent on one another for an effective learning to take place an effective teaching is necessary similarly teaching cannot take place without an idea of learning.1 With a focus to identify an effective teaching method comparison between the traditional teaching methods with computer aided learning this study was done. A total of 400 students studying in various nursing colleges formed the sample of this study. The students were divided into the experimental and control group and a self-prepared MCQ along with observation check list was used to assess the knowledge and skills of the nursing students. On analysis both the methods were found to be equally effective in enhancing the knowledge and skills of the students but lecture using PowerPoint was more effective than lecture cum demonstration.


Keywords: Lecture, Demonstration, Power Point, Knowledge, Skill, Cranial nerve assessment.

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