Comparison of determinants of career selection between final year undergraduate medical students and interns

Karthick Selvaraj, Santhanalakshmi Ramapandian


Introduction: With a wide rural - urban divide existing in health care provision and also not attaining the prescribed doctor –patient ratio, Indian health care system has been struggling to keep up to global standards. The knowledge about the trends in decision making and the determinants affecting their choice might be of immense help to administrators during drafting policy planning.

This study of career preference among final year medical graduates and interns and their determinants in a rural medical college was conducted.

Aim: to find out the career preferences among the final year MBBS students and CRRI’s, and to compare the determinants.

Materials and Methods: A cross sectional questionnaire based study given by a sample of 142 final year MBBS students and 140 CRRI’s. Using 11 fixed response questions about their career choice after MBBS, results have been analysed by SPSS software and chi square test have been applied to find out the significance.

Conclusion: majority of the students likes to work in government job, and there is significance between demographic area and gender in deciding factor for choosing government jobs and politics.

Keywords: Career choice, Education, Medical, Undergraduate.

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