Postgraduate medical students: Their awareness and attitude towards biomedical research

S Bhangare, M Girish, U Chaudhary, V Dandge


India's share  in  the medical  journal  literature  is much  less  than  that of many other countries;  inadequate  training  in
research methodology during  the  formative years of medical education has been quoted as one of  the  reasons. The  first
taste  of  research  experience  for  doctors  in  India  is  usually  during  their  post-graduation,  a  period  of  tremendous  stress.
This  study  was  undertaken  to  analyze  the  attitude  of  postgraduates  towards  research  and  to  evaluate  attitude,
knowledge,  and  awareness of postgraduate medical  students  towards  research. All postgraduate  students of NKP Salve
Institute  of  Medical  Sciences  who  were  admitted  for  clinical,  pre-clinical  and  para-clinical  courses  during  the  year
2012,  2013  and  2014 were  considered  eligible  for  the  study. A  structured  pre-validated  self  administered  questionnaire
was distributed  to  them and  they were  required  to answer  the questions  in  the presence of  the  researcher and  return  the
completed  document. The  questionnaire  contained  questions  seeking  demographic  details, multiple  choice  questions  to
assess  knowledge  and  open  ended  questions  and Likert  type  questions  for  assessing  attitude. There were  14  questions
in all. The questions were analyzed using SPSS version 10.0.1.The overall average score for knowledge based questions
was 1.4. The distribution of scores across three different categories of respondents (first year, second year and third year)
on basic knowledge of statistics was analyzed by Kruskal Wallis  test and no significant difference was  found  (p 0.290).
Attitude towards research has been positive in general, though there were very few students who wanted to pursue research
after  post-graduation.

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