Perception of a first aid workshop conducted for training lay responders in two professional colleges in North India

Niket Verma, Parikshat Gopal, Kuldeep Kumar Ashta, Poonam Agrawal, Garvit Bagga, Shyam Kumar Mishra, Puhup Verma


Introduction: Road traffic accidents (RTA's) are a leading cause of mortality in India. Emergency medical services are few and far between especially in rural areas of the country. The transport of victims is often the responsibility of passers-by, relatives or police personnel, most of whom are untrained in delivery of basic life-saving first aid. Lay first responders can fill the gap and provide first aid during the crucial ‘golden hour’, thus saving precious lives.

Aim: To collect feedback from and assess the perception of participants of a First Aid Workshop conducted for Lay Responders

Methodology: 2 faculty members from our college conducted a Hands-On First Aid Training Workshop at 2 institutions. Common emergency situations were discussed and the students were shown how to respond to each situation. The correct method of performing cardio-pulmonary resuscitation was demonstrated on a mannequin. An Automated External Defibrillator was used to teach bystander defibrillation. All the students and faculty members were then invited for a hands-on training of CPR.

Results: All the students in both the institutions agreed that they were able to learn the basics of First-Aid by attending the workshop. 98.8% students in Institution A and 100% students in Institution B expressed confidence that they would be able to provide first-aid/CPR in an emergency situation.

Keywords: First Aid, Emergency Medical Services, Accidents, Traffic.

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