A qualitative evaluation of a workshop on regression analysis

Bhola Nath, Charu Chhetri, Shiv Kumar Yadav, Ruchi -


Introduction: Presently, there is high importance of producing Research papers in post graduation and doctoral courses. Unfortunately, most of the medical students lack knowledge of statistical analysis and interpretation. Regression analysis being the sophisticated statistical tool is widely used but draining to understand and to apply in our studies. To enhance the knowledge in this field a workshop on regression analysis was organized with the objective of learning concepts of regression along with its practical application.

Materials and Methods: The “National Workshop on Regression analysis” was organized by Community Medicine department, Uttarakhand in month of October 2018. To evaluate the workshop, semi-structured questionnaire were developed by using internet-based approach through Google forms and then qualitative analysis was done.

Findings: 23 out of 41 participants responded (profession and designation of participants). Almost all participants mentioned that workshops’ objective met their expectations. Sessions on linear regression and hands-on training were found most useful. Applicability of regression analysis in their studies was mentioned by the participants. Lack of time for logistic regression session along with technical and infrastructural issues were emphasized by the participants.

Conclusions: The duration of the workshop for such complex topic should be increased. There should be more hands-on training in the workshop along with practical examples and should have prerequisites before conducting a workshop.


Keywords: Workshop, Regression analysis, Qualitative, Evaluation, Uttarakhand.

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