University examination: The examiners perspective

Suresh Chari, Amruta V. Dashputra, Madhur Gupta


Introduction:Education is a joint process, of teachers managing and arranging curriculum resources and of students acquiring the necessary understanding, sensibilities and skills. Evaluation is an integral part of this system. Examiners approach may affect student’s performance during summative exam. For the benefit of students it is important to know the examiners views towards students.
Objective: To analyze examiners views while evaluating student’s performance during theory and practical examination.
Material and Methods: After ethics approval a validated questionnaire based cross-sectional study was conducted at NKPSIMS & RC. Questionnaire was categorized into- (A) General questions, (B) Questions related to theory paper correction, (C) Questions regarding practical examination and viva. Questionnaire was given to teachers (n= 62) who were examiner for university examination in their respective subject.
Statistical Analysis: Mean, Standard Deviation (SD) and percentage was derived for each item.
Results: Teachers gave much importance to theory paper correction (Mean 7.40, SD 2.33) and practical examination & viva (Mean 8.61, SD1.51). They gave maximum importance to content of answer sheet (Mean 8.47 SD 1.89) and least importance to number of pages filled by student (Mean 5.13 SD 2.87). Most of teachers gave importance to knowledge of student (Mean 9.35, SD 1.08). Conclusion- In present study teachers had given much importance to content of answer sheet in theory paper correction and knowledge & competency during practical examination.

Summative examination, University examiner, Written examination, Practical examination.

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