Role of framing departmental policies to achieve improvement in academic performance-Observational study in a new medical college

M. Ramadevi, N. V. Lakshmi, R. D. Malathi, Sateesh .


Objectives: Establishing teaching policies which improve the quality of student learning experience and thereby, enhance the overall learning outcome. Teaching and learning are inherently intertwined, and this necessitates a holistic approach towards the development of novel teaching methodologies.Sustainable quality teaching policies require long-term, non-linear efforts and thus call for a permanent commitment from the teaching faculty. In general, certain quantitative standards/measures can be employed to gauge the efficacy of teaching. In this article, we present an observational study conducted at a recently established Govt. Medical College at Nizamabad in the State of Telangana. A novel teaching-learning framework was formulated and implemented. The efficacy of the framework was measured by gauging various parameters post-implementation of the policy.The proposed framework included policies related to the following aspects:

  1. Attendance
  2. Specific teaching-learning programme for
  3. Practical procedures
  4. Formative assessments followed by feedback sessions reflecting on their performance
  5. Conducting periodical tests
  6. Formulation of questions by Students for Mock Orals
  7. Conducting Quiz Programmes

As shown by certain quantitative metrics, the implementation of the proposed framework has resulted in the improvement of academic performance of the students.

Material and Methods: The study was based on data analysis of summative marks records, after each year. The data was collected for about 400 students over a period of 4 years.

Results: The efficacy of the proposed teaching method was analysed by the gauging the academic performance of students prior to and post implementation of the policy framework. The results indicate significant improvement of student academic performance after the implementation of the proposed policy framework.

Conclusion: Evolving departmental policies with specific teaching learning programmes will help to improve the academic performance through motivation and better understanding of subject. Administering specific teaching learning programmes with strict attendance policy plays a role in improving the academic performance of the students.

Keywords: Attendance policy, Specific teaching learning programmes.

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