Does blended learning* techniques using WhatsApp result in better performance by V th semester MBBS students in pathology as compared with lecture classes** alone?

Geethu G. Nair, Simi S.


Mobile learning (M learning) is gaining much importance in the field of medical education nowadays. Whats App messenger has become an interesting tool to be incorporated into teaching learning programs. We conducted this study to find out whether blended learning techniques combining lecture class and WhatsApp result in better performance by Vth semester MBBS students in Pathology as compared lecture classes alone and to understand the differences in attitude of students towards M learning. Study design was that of Randomized Controlled Trial. Entire batch divided into control & experimental group and a Whats App group created for those in experimental group. Single topic selected and lecture class given to all followed by 1 hr discussion in Whats app for those in study group and face to face discussion for other. Post test conducted to assess cognitive performance and questionnaire given to assess the attitude of students. Results analyzed using SPSS software. Findings of the study show that student find learning through WhatsApp very interesting eventhough there is no significant difference in cognitive performance. The attitude of the students toward WhatsApp- M learning was favorable.

Keywords: E-Learning, M-Learning, Whats App.


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