Meaningful learning in medical science by self-directed approach of - Concept mapping

Leena Chand, K. Sowmya, Santhi Silambanan, Manikandan .


Introduction: Concept mapping is an innovative approach that helps the learner to organize knowledge for a better mental picture. Students should be life-long meaningful learners to adapt to the rapid changing science and apply it in practicing medicine. The concept map may be regarded as an image displaying detailed study of a case or problem through various concepts and by linking them with the key words which enables the learners to do a cognitive analysis. This way of approaching basic science subjects in medical education will definitely improve the meaningful learning (Asubel, 1968). The objective of this study was to introduce concept map as a mode of learning involving various important topics of basic medical sciences subjects and evaluate its usefulness and acceptability among students in improving their understanding of the given topics.
Materials and Methods: Participants are first year MBBS students (n=250) from Sri Ramachandra Medical college and Research Institute; they were divided into small groups of 20-22. Students were evaluated with pretest and post-test performance along with a feedback which were collected and evaluated at the end of the project.
Result: Students subjected to this newer learning method showed a highly significant positive result (p<0.001).
Conclusion: The introduction of concept- mapping in learning methodology resulted in better understanding of a topic and correlation between all basic courses by the students. It also helps in learning through vertical integration between basic and clinical sciences.

Keywords: Concept Map

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