Understanding on assessment through Online ML Web discussion - A scholarly report

Girija Sivakumar


In the current era of digital world with modernized technologies the teaching learning process also has turned to be online, web-based virtual learning system. It has widely reached the field of Medical education too. An active and healthy teaching learning shall happen in adult learning process and that has been successfully proved by a month long Mentor – Learner (M-L) Web discussion organized by PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Coimbatore, Regional Centre for FAIMER- Fellowship of Advancement in Medical Education and Research. A month long discussion through M-L Web discussion promoted the learning strategies through online which would be more effective and beneficial in adult learning. This ML web discussion is one more evidence where it is proved by the discussion topics, inputs and resource materials shared among the participants. Assessment was fruitfully and beneficially discussed by participants in such a way, at the end of month’s discussion, the effectiveness of ML Web learning was projected in the form of post-discussion survey results collected from the participants. Almost all participants unanimously agreed that ML web discussion no doubt is highly beneficially as it facilitates their learning at their ease and convenient time. With the advancements of newer technologies and techniques in medical education, the distant learning program has become a convenient tool to impart knowledge to the learners and in turn it shall bring a new approach in teaching modalities.


Keywords: Medical Education-ML Web learning-Assessment

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