Innovations in Teaching & Learning

Smita Narad


Biochemistry is a fundamental basic science subject but criticized to be most volatile as it contains many intricate reactions. Various methods were tried to make subject illustrative and simple to keep interest of students alive as it is volatile with intricate reactions. Here I am focusing on three interactive teaching learning methods we have used by involving the students in the process of teaching learning. There are some topics in Biochemistry where memorization matters much than the understanding. Here students Seminars are effective. In student seminar, all responsibility comes to student and intervention of teacher may appear as interruption. This drawback can be overcome by Team teaching where teachers’ intervention is structured. Teachers teams with students to present topic. Though role play is commonly used for teaching communication skills it can be designed to teach academics. Despite growing digitalization, constitutional methods of teaching like role play is still appreciated by students and teachers as a useful and effective teaching learning tool.

Keywords: Innovations, Teaching Learning Methods, Student seminar, Team teaching, Role play

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