Effectiveness of computer assisted teaching programme on admission and discharge procedure to a psychiatric hospital in view of the revised mental health Act 2007, for 3rd year B.Sc. Nursing students

Tabashir Bashir


For the majority of people an admission to a mental health unit is planned between themselves and their doctor or mental health care specialist. For others it is the result of a person being in a mental health crisis requiring immediate treatment to assess and manage risk and alleviate distress. This may be the person’s first experience of mental illness, a repeat episode or the worsening of symptoms of an often continuing mental illness. Admission under these circumstances may be voluntary or involuntary.

The main purpose of the study is to assess the effectiveness of computer assisted teaching programme (CATP) on admission and discharge procedure to a psychiatric hospital in view of revised mental health Act 2007, in terms of gain in knowledge score among respondents.

A quasi experimental study with one group pre-test and post-test design was used. Convenient sampling technique with 30 respondents from selected nursing college was used in this study.

The finding of the study with regard to pre-test knowledge assessment revealed that the mean percentage was 28.33% with standard deviation 8.53.In pretest knowledge level 90% had inadequate knowledge. In posttest, significant increase in knowledge was found. However, in posttest the mean percentage of knowledge was 89.83% with 7.01 standard deviation. In posttest knowledge level, 83.4% had adequate knowledge.

Keywords: Admission, Discharge CATP, Mental health act

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