Faculty views on competency- Based medical education during mentoring and learning web sessions: An observational study

Anjali Telang, Surekha Rathod, Avinash Supe, Naresh Nebhinani, Sheila Mathai


Competency-based medical education (CBME) is an outcome-based education system which is learner oriented. This study was conducted to analyze the knowledge and views of the participants about competency-based medical education and its various aspects.

This was an observational study, conducted on thirty two (32) study participants in one of the regional FAIMER training institutes of India. A structured and validated set of questions on CBME was used for online discussion.

The responses of the participants were noted for each question. Approximately, response rate of 40% was noted for five questions. Remaining three questions witnessed response rate less than 25%.

As MCI in its ‘Regulations on Graduate Medical Education, 2012 has mentioned competencies to be achieved by an ‘Indian Medical Graduate’, in-depth knowledge of CBME is required for each and every medical teacher/facilitator as a part of curriculum management team in medical school/universities.

Keywords: Competency, Competency-based Medical Education (CBME), WPBA.

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