Effectiveness of Declaring Specific Learning Objectives (SLO) on learning of Ayurvedic Medical Students

S.P. Antapurkar


Specific learning objectives (SLO) is one of the most effective and yet easiest tool to enhance and explicit the teaching-learning process. It enables the facilitator to make the process of teaching and learning more and more student oriented and also imparts unifaciality to the delivery of the subject. Setting of SLO also helps the teacher to guide themselves to deliver the topic more precisely without leaving any disarray. Current project was under taken to assess the efficacy of “defining specific learning objective” on final level of BAMS graduates. Participants were divided into two groups prior to the teaching session and one group was exposed to SLO and the other was not. Following this, both the groups were simultaneously exposed to pre-decided portion from their syllabus. Objective test based on the topic taught was conducted and response against predesigned questionnaire was taken from the participants. Data so obtained was statistically analyzed.


Keywords: Objective, Subjective

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