A study on impact of curriculum on knowledge of tuberculosis among medical students

B. Nagasrilatha, M. Sasidhar, M. Bharathi, A. Sasikala, S. Kusuma Bai


India has the highest burden of tuberculosis (TB) in the world with over 2 million incident cases amounting to more than 1/5th (21%) of the global burden. With proper care and treatment, TB patients can be cured. But inadequate case detection and poor treatment continue to be some of the major factors for the increasing burden of TB globally. Medical colleges play a central role in training and shaping the attitudes of medical students. Societies expect these institutions to train students to competently and holistically while handling common health problems.

A Prospective study was conducted to assess the knowledge and awareness of medical studentsand effectiveness of curriculum on tuberculosis at RIMS Medical College, Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh in April and July 2016. 150 students of first clinical students were included after taking their consent. A questionnaire having 20 items of closed ended were administered. Base line knowledge was assessed by pretest evaluation. Post-test evaluation was done 7 weeks after teaching curriculum for two hours.

The knowledge of students after teaching curriculum regarding tuberculosis was high in all aspects when compared to pre intervention.

  1. All participants knew that Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the causative agent for tuberculosis.
  2. Awareness of students on tuberculosis was improved in post-intervention assessment.
  3. Few students 24.6% of participants only knew about gohn focus. 4. Students’ knowledge about pathogenesis and immunoprophylaxis still needs intervention.


Keywords: Tuberculosis, Medical Students, Curriculum

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