Perceptions of faculty and students regarding use of mobile apps for learning in dentistry: A questionnaire based study

Saee Deshpande, Ashita Kalaskar, Jaishree Chahande


Mobile technology is changing the way we live, and it is beginning to change the way we learn. There is widespread use of mobile devices as reference and information management tools in clinical practice and medical training among healthcare professionals.

To assess the perception of faculty and students for the utility of mobile technology in their learning experience.

The study was designed as a descriptive questionnaire based study. Sample consisted of faculty & students of two dental colleges in Nagpur city.

Out of 118 faculty members 84 responded (response rate 71%) and out of 128 students 118 responded (response rate 92%).  Majority of the faculty as well as the students used smartphones in daily life for the purpose of social networking and entertainment. Only a few of them used it for academics. Nearly half of them knew about different mobile apps in dentistry. Overall perceptions regarding use of mobile apps as teaching tool were positive.

Mobile app is a promising teaching tool that can be blended with traditional teaching for dental students.

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