Comparative study of case based learning to traditional teaching method in the students of third BAMS

Sharmili Suryavanshi, Kiran Tawalare


In teaching process, many times we focus on factual recall rather than reasoning skills, learners are not actively involved and little opportunity is given for reflection of the learner. It is important to impart effective learner centered education with allotted time period. Also, learner should be given opportunities to develop their own understanding and self directed learning. Case based learning is a teaching learning method, adopted especially in medical field. This project was conducted to compare case based learning (CBL) over traditional teaching method (TTM). The study was conducted on 24 participants. Three Sessions each of one hour using TTM were taken on the disease Rajyakshama. Case based learning was introduced and total three sessions were used on disease Galganda. Post test for each teaching learning method was obtained and analyzed with paired t test. Feedback in form of questionnaire was taken. We found that CBL is more effective than the TTM (p<0.001). Case based learning motivated students for fact finding, reasoning, and self learning.

Keywords: Case based learning (CBL), Traditional teaching method (TTM), Teaching-Learning method.

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